Commission policies.

By commissioning me, you agree to the following policies and laws as held in the state of Washington, USA.


Quotes provided on the commissions page are for non-commercial use only. I hold the copyright to the art. This means that I may use the piece as I see fit; including displaying the artwork on my portfolio/social media, etc. For commercial use, full permissions and copyright can be purchased. If you would like to hire me for your comic, game, publication, or editorial illustration, please reach out and we’ll start a conversation to get you what you need!

The stages of a commission typically look like this: I draw the piece, get it somewhat refined — if you are particularly interested in participating in the artistic process I will send a work in progress (WIP) for feedback. Otherwise, I will continue to work without interruption until the piece is completed.

As the client, you have the right to two edits to the piece you are commissioning — any more than that and a charge of $20% of the price per hour is charged to cover my time.

Unless otherwise negotiated in writing, client will receive a high resolution (300+ dpi) image of their new artwork via e-mail. For traditional media pieces, the client may request the original drawing at 2x quote. Prints and framing prices can be discussed separately. Client may use artwork anywhere they like as long as it is not for profit or publication.

Artist Protection

In the past, I have produced artwork and to this day remain uncompensated. As a small business, I have now found it necessary to require payment in full up front. Thank you for understanding.


Nonprofits and Charities


Artwork for charity, good causes, and some non-profit organizations may be created pro bono or at a reduced rate. Contact me with your project.