The Body Keeps Score

I was asked to participate in a gallery show for the benefit of Project FORCE. Musician Brad Perry sparked the fire with his collaborative album ‘Dissociate’ (2018). A group of local artists from my hometown in Richmond, VA each picked a different track as inspiration to create a new piece!

My song prompt was The Body Keep the Score.

Society sends a message that devalues survivors of rape and assault. The #MeToo movement has taken great strides, but a broader cultural shift is slow in coming. All too often, survivors of rape embrace a narrative that they are broken. However, we are not broken. There is nothing to be fixed.

The Japanese art of kintsugi (sometimes translated as ‘golden repair’) repairs broken pottery with gold lacquer. The original piece is not discarded as rubbish, but understood to be of value. I thought about the relationship I and others have with our bodies after a harrowing assault and channeled that impression into this painting.

We repair ourselves with gold.